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Cherished since 11:56pm April 9, 2014

Queensland AUSTRALIA


Lincoln CASH Keough: "The amoeba Naegleria fowleri causing PAM, stole the life of our our baby boy in April 2015.  We had just celebrated his first birthday. We'd only moved to our family owned property central to Richmond, Winton and Julia Creek in Queensland, Australia for just five weeks before Cash was infected by Naegleria fowleri which had grown in our home bore water supply. We believe but can't be certain that Cash was infected by playing with a hose.  Within five days of noticing his first symptoms Cash was confirmed brain dead. Vomiting one night, we headed to hospital that day, obvious seizures started by 3pm and we were told he would most certainly die three days later. We kissed and cuddled our innocent and beautiful boy for the last time on Day six. Our introduction to a disease we had never heard of but will work to ensure the rest of Australia, the rest of the world does know of the disease in order to prevent the loss or more innocent children. We aren't the first family to loose a child or someone they love to this disease but we hope to be one of the last. To say the least, it was one traumatic roller coaster ride while we fought for Cash's life... and it's just the beginning of the hardest road we will ever travel.  Words aren't good enough to explain... words aren't good enough to describe him... but all I can say is he is perfect... an active, cheeky, bright eyed little boy with the whole world ahead of him.  We felt so unbelievably lucky to have him as our son. We can't replace our precious boy... we will carry this emptiness forever... Miss You... Love You... Sweet Dreams Cashy Boy." Jodi and Laine Keough.



01.04.2008 – 12.10.2009

Queensland AUSTRALIA


Anabella Ivy Elliott: "Belle was an absolutely delightful child, full of cheek, fun and love. As the third daughter in our family she was also very spoilt and sure of herself. On Friday 09th October, 2009 she woke up with what I thought to be the beginning of the flu or maybe even her back teeth cutting. She had all the flu symptoms. At this time, we were still running sheep in conjunction with our cattle property and we were due to commence shearing the following week. We therefore had to bundle Belle up for the day and went off mustering sheep. As the day progressed, she did not get any better and by the time I had got back to our home, she was running extremely high temperatures and was violently ill. I made contact with the Flying Doctor that night who told me to get into the Winton hospital. Upon arriving at the Winton Hospital the decision was made very quickly to fly her out to Townsville. Once arriving in Townsville and after many tests, the diagnosis was of a bacterial meningitis but they did think it would be curable. After no response to medication, I was asked if we or Belle had access to bore water. This was where our introduction to the Naegleria Fowleri that causes the PAM disease commenced. After being moved from the children’s ward to the ICU unit on the Saturday night, she had passed by the Monday night. We had an extremely healthy 19 month old toddler and within five days her life had been taken. Our lives were turned upside down forever. Forever loved and missed, our daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and cousin." Gerald , Tina, Caitlyn, Jacalyn and Max Elliott.



March 5, 1996 - December 26, 2001

Queensland AUSTRLIA


James Elliot:   "James had very short but full life. His cause of death was never diagnosed until his half sister Belle passed eight years later and it was concluded that James' life had also been taken by PAM.  It is 2001  Sunday before Christmas  on Tuesday. We were all a bit hot after mustering so James and his brothers had a great time cooling down under the sprinkler. That evening James said he had a headache and just feeling unwell. At his doctors appointment the next day they weren't too concerned but decided to put him in hospital and he would be better for Santa the next morning. Knowing he wanted me to sleep with him I said to him I would just go and get PJ’s and be back in five minutes. Little did I know that would be the last time I would ever speak to my beloved James. Unable to rouse him  he  was flown out Christmas Day. When we got to Hospital  he was treated for meningitis. He had survived till morning, but then slipped badly and after testing I was told he was brain dead; a parents' worst nightmare.  I believe the onset of his illness began on Sunday and finished on Wednesday, the worst days of my life had begun and will never finish. The photo of James waving was just as if he was saying goodbye. James was the easiest, happiest baby. He fitted into life doing lick runs, riding on the bike with me, mustering and he was 18mths old when he first cantered on his pony, Crystal. His love and compassion for animals was fantastic and he proudly looked after his brothers Ben and Marty. James was a very special boy in his caring and generous, thoughtful way, he was very much an older man in a very young body with a great sense of humour. He touched everyone’s heart that knew him," Margie Elliot.