Cash making a splash... what fun!

Lincoln Cash 'Fresh Water For Life'

"We are currently not actively appealing for donations as we are not a registered Charity.  We will forever work to continue the awareness of fatal fresh waterborne diseases as Prevention is paramount. We believe there is certainly a need for further research to take place to better understand Naegleria fowleri causing PAM and we'd like to see the key drug used in some of the successful treatments of PAM in America to be available in Australia, including in rural towns.  At the moment those visions are a dream.  An even bigger dream come true would be for greater research to develop treatment further- creating a drug safe to administer before diagnosis is certain and mostly too late.  We don't have the funds or power to make those dreams a reality yet, but what we can do now is continue to spread awareness and empower people with knowledge. For those who do wish to give, to help us continue the awareness of PAM and other fresh waterborne diseases, we have set up a personal account for Lincoln Cash 'Fresh Water For Life". Thank you for your support in helping us continue developing and managing this website.... and for spreading the word."  Jodi and Laine Keough.

Contribute to Lincoln Cash "Fresh Water For Life"

  • Bank Account Name: Lincoln Cash
  • BSB: 084-897 
  • Acct No: 77-405-9268
  • Bank: National Australia Bank (NAB)


Supporting Artist

Singer Songwriter Klancie Keough is kindly donating $2 per sale of her new album 'Right On Time' to the Lincoln Cash 'Fresh Water For Life' campaign.  Buy this album today and help  continue the awareness campaign of fresh waterborne diseases and save lives.





Forever Friendship

"Life long friends are the ones that no time apart or distance will alter your friendship. Recently for the first time the fact of me living in America and my best friend living in Australia was actually of use as she could call me guilt free 3am in the morning from hospital just to talk as she was fighting for the life of her baby boy.  We would talk and I would look at my baby boy who is the same age and imagine what she was going through. Read my story and help me help my friend and her family get to a place where they can temporarily ease the pain and come together as a family in the midst of this grief. Although money cannot replace their precious son, it can give this beautiful family something to look forward to as they face the tumultuous path ahead. May your memory live on in those you loved and those who love you. Thank you & God Bless," Angie Schutt