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Capture The Last Hug

Praying for a miracle by my child's hospital bedside, a dear friend walks in and asks, "Do you want me to take photos?"  I look at my friend slightly dumb founded.  Photos?  Why would anyone take photos of this... of their baby sick in hospital with tubes connected left, right and centre? Why would I want this memory?

The next day is upon us. We now know but can't accept, that our baby is most certainly going to die. I would have to say goodbye... hug and kiss my beautiful boy for the last time and then never again. Another old friend approaches and explains that her sister who is a photographer would like to take some professional photos for us if we were comfortable for her to do so.

My mind boggles.   Professional photos of what? So... people take photos in hospital... people take photos of their baby when they have passed away? I couldn't really believe it.  I love photos, but I had never imagined taking photos with a sick loved one let alone of your own child who had tragically and suddenly had the life taken.

My friend who had worked in Paediatric Intensive Care explained that some of the people who didn't have the photos taken with their child really regretted it. I knew I wouldn't be able to turn back the clock if I regretted it. I already knew 'regret' would get the better of me in many other ways.

So I did it.... we as a family had a few snaps taken in the hospital while our beautiful baby boy was connected to every possible machine.  And we did have professional photos as a family while he was at peace laying in our arms... holding hands... hugging and kissing for the last time.

The photos are beautiful. Very special. Some of our pictures I would share... others will always remain private.  I may never hang any on our wall, but at least I can't regret 'not' having them taken.  They will be treasured as I cherish every moment with my perfect little boy.

Thank you to Rosana Kersh... our compassionate photographer and friend. xo

Jodi S K