New Album ‘Right On Time’

Thank you to Singer Songwriter Klancie Keough for donating a portion of her sales from her new album 'Right On Time' to the Lincoln Cash 'Fresh Water For Life' Awareness Campaign. Buy her album today on i tunes and support us in saving the lives of others through awareness and prevention of deadly fresh waterborne diseases.…
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The loss of a child is the most unwelcome and difficult experience any human has to face.

You never “get over” it, on the contrary, your child remains part of your life story and you will continue to love your child forever. There are supportive agencies which you can contact:

The Compassionate Friends, Queensland

Phone: 3254 2585


Sids and Kids

Phone: 1800 628 648 Free Call and A/hours

Don’t be alone with this grief. Allow yourself mutual support from others who have been through the loss of a child or from professionals.


Donate Life

Cash's parents were approached by the Donor Coordinator in the hospital when they were coming to terms with the terrible news that Cash's struggle for life had been lost. They were confronted with how difficult it is to consider organ and tissue donation in those stressful and upsetting circumstances. Cash's parents agreed to donate their son's organs…
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Awareness Saves Lives

Fresh Water for LIFE Fresh water is a valued resource worldwide. It provides life-giving hydration, but when untreated, it can also incur life-threatening risk. For many rural people, the use of untreated fresh water is a widespread and accepted way of life. In April 2015, a waterborne amoeba named Naegleria fowleri tragically stole the life…
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