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Knowledge is Empowering - Prevention is Paramount 


"May you feel empowered with knowledge to help prevent our nightmare becoming your reality.

Methods of prevention may not be 100% effective but the focus is to greatly minimise your risk from harmful fresh waterborne diseases such as life destroying PAM.  

We have implemented a system combining filtration and UV light on our house hold water supply and we teach our children to avoid actions in which water will most likely go up their nose, for example playing with garden hoses or bomb diving into fresh water dams.  

I grew up water skiing and hope my children will also have the opportunity of such fun.  

We need not to fear but to implement sensible preventative methods...

May we all enjoy 'Fresh Water For Life'."

Jodi S Keough

Please click here to view the latest information on PAM and other harmful fresh waterborne diseases, provided by Queensland Health, Australia.