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Lincoln CASH: Fresh Water For LIFE

Fresh water is a valued resource worldwide. It provides life-giving hydration, but when untreated, it can also incur life-threatening risk. For many rural people, the use of untreated fresh water is a widespread and accepted way of life.

In April 2015, a waterborne amoeba named Naegleria fowleri tragically stole the life of our baby boy Cash. This aggressive brain-eating amoeba, which causes; primary amoebic meningoencephalits (PAM) has an incredible near 99% mortality rate.

PAM is rare, but it's not alone. There are other more common fresh waterborne diseases that rural families are exposed to daily. For many of them, there are no effective diagnostic tests or pharmacological treatments, making their prevention paramount.

We hope the Lincoln Cash 'Fresh Water For Life' website will increase awareness on the prevalence and prevention of all fresh waterborne diseases. It advocates for the provision of safe, fresh water for every child and adult whether rural or regional, in Australia and worldwide.

We also welcome stories and comments to open discussion and support to help you or others with the long life journey following the loss of a loved one.

Let our heartbreak be the story you only read about. May we all freely enjoy Fresh Water for Life.

Jodi and Laine Keough.



Lincoln Cash

Naegleria fowleri stole Cash's life, just after his 1st Birthday. Cash lives on... his story will save the lives of others and his family's journey will help others through their own tragedies.

Naegleria fowleri PAM

PAM is a rare and rapid life destroying fresh waterborne disease with a greater than 99% mortality rate.

Fresh Waterborne Diseases

For many Fresh Waterborne diseases there are no effective diagnostic tests or pharmacological treatments, making their prevention paramount


Help continue the awareness of all Fresh Waterborne diseases and save the lives of others.


Grieving a child is a life long journey. Those who have lost a child may find comfort in sharing and hearing from others.

Organ Donation

Would you donate your child's organs to save the life of another child?.

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Would you capture your goodbye? Your last hug... your last kiss.


Hear from families with Awareness Angels of Fresh Waterborne diseases.